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The Theory test is a double test.

There is a 50 question, multiple choice question test followed by a video hazard perception test.


To help you pass you need to learn the highway code, know the road signs and have some knowledge of basic first aid, vehicle maintenance checks and how a motor car works.

There are many books, mobile apps, both android and IOS, and also websites that are available to assist you.


This part of the test comprises of 14 video clips simulating how the road ahead could look to you as you are driving a car.

During the clip you may see various situations the could develop into road hazards. Using the computer mouse you need to react to the developing hazards by clicking as soon as you notice it.

Apart from  one clip, you are tested on how quick you react to one hazard. One of the clips will check you on two hazards.

There are also websites and apps available to practise for this part  of the test, but the best teacher is to actually drive and learn from  your drivng instructor how to develop your visual driving ability.

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